Bookmarks of the week

Bookmarks for the week ending 5/05

My comments for the bookmarks are in italics, with the original link description in regular text.

Should I Give Permission for WordPress Plugins to Collect Data?
Tags: wordpress
Is it safe to let plugins collect data from your WordPress site? We share how our plugins use website data and when it's safe to allow developers to collect it.
Eyecandy - Visual Technique Library
Tags: visual
The visual technique library for visual technique lovers. Enjoy. Learn. Don't gatekeep.
ACF Remote Sync • Move ACF field groups between sites without leaving the UI • Hookturn
Tags: wordpress, acf
Connect sites & share ACF field groups right in the UI. Sync field groups between sites or push/pull field groups to & from your own remote library.
WP Speakers
Tags: wordpress, speakers
WP Speakers is a free database of speakers available for WordPress meetups, WordCamps, and other events.
Fixel Font
Tags: font
As a grotesque sans serif, MacPaw Fixel was designed to be a variable typeface with a human touch.
Tags: contracts
A sample contract to use when freelancing
How to Fix WordPress Redirecting to Old Domain After Migration
Tags: wordpress, troubleshooting
Want to fix WordPress redirecting to old domain after migrations? Here are proven methods to fix the issue based on our 14 year of WordPress experience.
Web Inspector
Tags: ios, web, debugging
Dev tools for mobile, absolutely a lifesaver
Web Inspector expands Mobile Safari with a set of web development tools: DOM: View, inspect, edit, and search the elements that make up the DOM of a webpage.