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Bookmarks for the week ending 4/28

My comments for the bookmarks are in italics, with the original link description in regular text.

Force download through js or query
Tags: stackoverflow, javascript
I needed a way to force a download using javascript. This was the easiest way I found to do it.
Obliterate the main query and replace it
Tags: wordpress, query_vars
I needed a way to adjust the query loop to get search results on a client site. This was the method I found. It removed the existing loop and rebuild it using the terms I supplied.
There are lots of good resources on how to alter the main query, or add secondary loops... But I actually want to completely replace the main query with a different query altogether. I am hijacki...
Tags: map
I've used JQVMap from 10bestdesign for years, but as my need for jQuery diminishes, I'd like to find a new map. This seems to be a popular alternative.
Jsvectormap is a lightweight JavaScript library for creating interactive maps and pretty data visualization, supports all modern brownsers including IE9+.
Should I Give Permission for WordPress Plugins to Collect Data?
Tags: wordpress
Is it safe to let plugins collect data from your WordPress site? We share how our plugins use website data and when it's safe to allow developers to collect it.
Customer Service FAQ: My Cordless Cellular Shades Aren't Lifting |
Tags: home
This didn't work 100% for me, but I tend to bookmark everything I find marginally useful.
WP Feature Notifications Project Progresses Towards MVP for Standardizing Admin Notifications
Tags: wordpress, notifications
PLEASE, this can't get done soon enough.
The WP Feature Notifications project, formerly know as WP Notify, is making progress towards creating a better way to manage and deliver notifications in the WordPress admin. Core contributor Jonat…
Turn your screenshots into beautiful posts
Tags: mockups
Turn your screenshots into beautiful posts. Use Jellylade to create beautiful presentations for your website and social media
Badging for Home Screen Web Apps
Tags: ios, javascript, badges
I want to add this to a webapp that I'm working on!
Along with the many other features for web apps on iOS and iPadOS 16.4, WebKit now includes support for the W3C’s Badging API.
Article 1: Modern object-oriented PHP in WordPress plugin development
Tags: wordpress, headless, toread
📚 Discover modern PHP in WordPress plugin development. Improve code quality, reusability, maintainability and extensibility. Read now.