Bookmarks of the week

Bookmarks for the week ending 4/14

My comments for the bookmarks are in italics, with the original link description in regular text.

Specificity Visualizer
Tags: css
CSS specificity is an amazing, confusing thing. I'm kind of scared to run any of my css through this, but that definitely means I should.
Marp: Markdown Presentation Ecosystem
Tags: presentation, decks, slides
One of the (many?) solutions to avoid PowerPoint - use markdown instead! Marp (also known as the Markdown Presentation Ecosystem) provides an intuitive experience for creating beautiful slide decks. You only have to focus on writing your story in a Markdown document.
Deckset for Mac: Presentations from Markdown in No Time
Tags: presentation, decks, slides, macos
I've been using deckset for years to help me avoid PowerPoint, so I wanted to bookmark it for posterity Write down your thoughts in your favourite text editor, and Deckset will turn them into beautiful presentations.
Pasteboard - The Best Clipboard Manager for Windows
Tags: clipboard, windows
I use copyq, but I'm always on the lookout for tools like this. Pasteboard is the best way to save, search, and pin for later, everything you copy on Windows.
People Dangle from Balconies and Scale a Brick Facade in Leandro Erlich's Disorienting Installation — Colossal
Tags: art
The latest installation in Leandro Erlich's Bâtiment series appears to defy gravity with a disorienting facade-turned-optical illusion.
Past, Present, and Future Converge in Dustin Yellin's 10,000-Pound Glass Sculpture at the Liberty Science Center — Colossal
Tags: art
At the Liberty Science Center in New York City, Yellin's work explores historical time as part of the center's 30th anniversary.
CSS Text balancing with text-wrap:balance - Ahmad Shadeed
Tags: css, balance
I cannot wait for this! A look at text wrap balancing in CSS
The Sound of a Dialup Modem, Visualized and Explained
Tags: technology
There are few sounds that can transport me back to a specific time and place like the handshake of a dialup modem. I heard that arrangement of noises thousands of times sitting at my desk in rural Wisconsin, trying to so
Side Mirror - Your live demo secret weapon.
Tags: macos, screensharing
A neat app for the mac that grabs an external monitor and shows it as a window on your screen, useful for presenters
DockShelf - Dock alternative for Mac OS X
Tags: macos, dock
I went on a tangent of trying to find a way to put a dock on the side of my montior...
🍎ActiveDock© 2: Customizable Dock for Mac, Hyperdock, uBar, cDock Alternative • MacPlus Software
Tags: macos, dock
More docks... Hyperdock, uBar, cDock Alterantive, Taskbar with Window Previews/Window Managment, Group/Folders, Application Launcher, Dock Themes, Custom Icons, Start Menu
The Dock replacement for the Mac - uBar
Tags: macos, dock
And more docks... The Dock replacement for the Mac. Boost your productivity with the most advanced and versatile app and window manager for the Mac.