Last month in TrackMania

An image of my results in the February set of maps for TrackMania

The only constant in life is TrackMania

OK maybe that's a bit dramatic, but for me TrackMania is the game I play the most. If you don't know what TrackMania is, at its core it's a racing game. You race from the starting line to the finish line. And while the game is multiplayer, it's also kind of not. By that I mean that the people you are playing against aren't on the track with you at the same time, or even if they are (like in "Cup of the Day" games) they are ghosts, and don't interfere with your driving. And this is important, because TrackMania is a game where precision matters. You want to get from the start to the finish as quickly as possible, racing against other people to get bronze, silver, gold, or the author time medals.

Personally I race against myself, trying to get gold as much as I can, but without getting RSI at the same time.

One of the many things I like about TrackMania is that there is a new track every day. And so I take a few minutes out of my day and play it. And I’m February I feel like I did really well getting gold. There were a handful of tracks I didn’t get gold in, but all-in-all I’m really happy with my time spent in the game.