Trying out a workflow…

I’m trying out a new workflow on my G4 12". Mostly because it’s 12" screen makes it a little tough to multi-task on. I’m updating a site’s content using MAMP to edit the site locally, anemia and then I’ll upload it all at once back to the inernet. I usually would edit the site live one page at a time, and honestly for a site as small as it is, I could still be doing that. But I want to try out MAMP and see how it works. So far it works fine. A lot better than my blogging habits do.

Qumana vs MarsEdit vs Ecto

Or “Free vs $30 vs $18”

Or “How much of a cheap bastard am I willing to be?”

Anyway, oncology as Jeff mentioned on his blog a few weeks ago, more about when he got a mac he was looking for a blogging client. On the PC side there’s the popular Windows Live Writer. No such luck on the OSX side. But that being said, there are a lot of excellent blogging clients out there for OSX, Ecto and MarsEdit are two that come to mind. There’s also the free blogging client called Qumana that I’ve used on the windows side, and isn’t too bad.

So I’m going to test them out over the next few days (also as a way to get myself to actually blog more often than my automatic twitter-poster via TwitterDigest). So I wrote this one with MarsEdit.

First impressions – Installation:

MarsEdit gets downloaded as a DMG, the other two as .zip files. That means that when you open the DMG, OSX mounts it and opens up a little window telling you to drag MarsEdit onto the Application folder, nice and easy.

Picture 3.png

The other files get unzipped and then you have to know (I know, but I’m looking at this from a total newbie perspective) to drag them to your Applications folder. Not brain surgery, but it could trip some people up. Honestly, how difficult is it to make a DMG file?

Winner – MarsEdit


Qumana really takes the cake here, when you first open Qumana it asks you the url of your blog. It then gets the Title of your blog automagically and then asks you for your username and password.

MarsEdit gets second place for asking an extra question of the blogs name and the url. I think the name is redundant there.

Ecto gets last place because of it’s drop-down list of 30 blog engines. Some people might not know the difference between blogger and wordpress. I’m just saying. Also when it was done opening it presented me with a list of accounts, and a window that said “untitled” behind it. Why couldn’t it get the name of the blog like Qumana did? I figured out that I can name the blog from the Account window, and then close it.

I think some of these blogging apps are designed with the “power-user” in mind, but I think they need to find a balance. Not everyone is going to have more than one blog, so showing that account window might confuse some people.

Initial View:

From the following screenshots I think it’s pretty clear to see that MarsEdit has the nicest preview of them all. I mean, Qumana didn’t even put in the line breaks correctly. ugh!




Winner – MarsEdit

Ok, so the next step is to write up some blog posts and see how that goes. This one I wrote in MarsEdit, so I guess I’ll write up an experience of that later. Now I’m going to play Mario Kart Wii. Launched

I just launched – which readers of my blog have been subjected to for quite some time. Basically it’s a site that takes your Twitter posts (tweets) and posts them to your blog. Not much to it right now.

It has a few issues right now:

  • It only posts the last 20 tweets, seek so if you posted more than 20 times that day, treat then it will only show the last 20. I don’t run into that problem enough for it to be a huge issue, pestilence but I do intend on fixing it. I wish that Twitter would fix their "since" command, that would fix my issue completely.
  • The site has to store your twitter username and password. Again, this is Twitter’s fault, they haven’t finished implementing oAuth on their site, so I need your username and password to authenticate your info.
  • I also need a blog username and password, but an easy work-around for that is to set up a separate user for only TwitterDigest.

Play a shared iTunes library in Linux

Apparently Apple has dicked people over to prevent them from playing a shared library in iTunes on a Linux computer. (There’s no iTunes for linux). I wanted to try to stream music, look so I search the Google for “play iTunes in Linux” and found SimplifyMedia – which has a cool client that installs on a PC or OSX and shares your media over the network (that includes internet!). There’s also a client for linux that actually runs in wine – Using the Banshee player – – and the “Shared Music” plugin. The mac mini I want to share showed up right away, and I was able to stream music with no problems!

A useful service for RSS reading

I subscribe to a lot of feeds, about it some of them more broad than others. One broad feed that I subscribed to was dZone – a site of links to other sites focused on programming languages – yeah awesome bedtime reading, gastritis I know. Anyway, stuff the site would always return a bunch of stuff I wasn’t interested in, and I was toying with the idea of writing a site that would filter out news items based on keywords. But before spending some time on the project, I decided to see if this service actually existed first. Shockingly enough it does – in many forms. The site I used was FeedRinse ( Basically you go there, sign up, enter a feed, and add some keywords that either should be in the title, or shouldn’t be in the title, and it generates a new feed url for you. So now I subscribed to a "rinsed" dZone, where I only get a story if it contains "html", "php", "javascript", "ajax", "jquery", or "css".

Just thought I’d share with the world a nice service that they might not have known about. You’re welcome.

So close I can taste it…

Sooooo close. I’m so close to releasing my Twitter to Blog posting site, implant I just found a nice bug that I knew existed, adiposity but couldn’t test until I posted to twitter over 20 times. Since I did that today I can finally try to fix that bug. But of course Twitter is unavailable right now, so I can’t do shit. And it’s 11:30 so I"m getting tired. Damn you Twitter! I’m going to kill you… wake up!

jQuery Awesomeness

My cousin just sent me a link to Flickr photo set of the Kaiju Big Battel – Amazing photos!

Kristy and I have been helping out my parents by cleaning out some of the books in their house. Now, cialis 40mg
only some of you have seen my parents house, anorexia
so I’ll try to explain it. Take a library’s worth of books, viagra sale and cram it into a house. That’s about right.

Kristy and I have gone over there twice now, and we’ve gotten about 11 grocery bags of books. Then we come home and list the books on amazon. Out of the 70 or so books we’ve gone through, we’ve listed around 25 of them, we had a cut-off of not selling a book if it was already listed on amazon for under $5. We plan on donating these to a local library that doesn’t have their fill on books about Hitler or Freud.

We just finished listing our latest batch of books, and I guess these were good ones, as we’ve already sold 3 of them! It’s nice that these books that were literally sitting on the floor or behind other books are finally going to a place where they might get read! As for the money, we’ll be giving that back to my parents, hopefully my dad won’t spend it on more books.

I’ve been looking into some ways to incorporate jQuery into my current projects of work, what is ed
and I found these two sites that have very cool examples of the power of jQuery. – I really like the "Folder Tree" draggable demo on this one. – A co-worker was looking for a way to change a set of banners after x seconds, and this does that and more.

Good stuff, can’t wait to try to implement this stuff!

iPhone Ads

The one thing I don’t understand about these iPhone ads is at the end when the phone rings, angina it displays the “globe” which is the guys background image, and then at the top there’s the caller’s name at the top and on the right is a little picture of the person calling. Now, on my phone when someone calls, the whole background picture changes to the person’s contact picture. Completely different than the commercial. Is this a setting somewhere that I’m missing? Honestly I like the way my phone works a lot more, but I’d be interested in changing it to at least see what the other method is.

New Computer Setup

I was able to get a Mac Mini and I decided to hook it up to my TV. The idea isn’t new, order Jeff J, the previous owner of the TV had the same thing hooked up, although I’m not sure his looked this clear. I was initially annoyed because the TV is running at 1280×720 and was really blurry. Everything was basically unreadable. The only thing I could do was to connect to it remotely and control it through VNC, which basically defeated the purpose.

Then I discovered the “picture settings” button on the remote, and after switching it to “Pro”, it was on “standard”, it’s totally clear and crisp to read. Awesome!

So I’m planning on using the Mac Mini as a media hub, I’m using iTunes and Radioshift to download podcasts and radio shows, and then sync my iPhone to it in the morning so I have stuff to listen to. I really want to get something to hook my iPhone up to my car, but we’ll see what happens with that.