Network Solutions and htaccess files

I just finished a site for a friend/client –

The site is hosted on network solutions, approved and we were having trouble getting the site set up. The first problem was importing the database. We have all the content and photos stored in a database, discount and that ended up being about 20MB. Unfortunately Network Solutions’ installation of phpMyAdmin only allows for .sql uploads of up to 8MB. This is actually a problem that I run into frequently. Now I know phpMyAdmin has some settings where you can tell it an upload directory, pharm but on a shared host using their installation of phpMyAdmin, it’s kind of hard to get to – if it’s possible at all.

Enter the best (worst) named script I’ve ever found – bigdump.

Bigdump allows you to upload large sql files by configuring it with your db info, and then putting that and the sql file up into the same folder. You then just click a button and it imports it and you’re done!

That led to another issue. I went to load the site and up pops an Internal Server Error #500. What to do!?

Well I know that the site worked on my local computer, and that it worked on my dev server too. So I turn off the .htaccess stuff, and the site loads. OK so it has to do with the .htaccess file – which I know works. So I google “network solutions .htaccess problem´╗┐” and it brings me to this article. Basically for Network Solutions to work correctly with the .htaccess file I had to add the line:

RewriteBase /

And there we go!