Football picks are in!

We have a holiday party here at work in an hour or two, neuropathist so I’m getting my picks in early.

For the underdog, this web my standing is in the middle of the pack, so I’m going to go for the hail mary play and pick the Dolphins for something like 22 points!

Monday Night Football: I’ll go with the Chargers, but there’s no chance for me to win, so whatever.

Football time…

I told someone that the only stuff I post about on my blog is football picks. And that reminded me that I have to do that today, viagra sale but first an update on last weeks performance.

The Saints won on MNF, so we’re still good there, but the underdog pick of Miami was a loser.

Here we go for this week:

Underdog: Eagles

Monday Night: Vikings


I think I’m getting a new TV soon, case and I can’t wait to watch some football on it. Hopefully in the next week or two. We’ll see.

Anyway, on to the picks:

Underdog: ‘da Bears

Monday Night: Going with the Titans to win over the Broncos.

As for last week, I picked my two picks won.


Haha, treat fooled you, this web by TGIF I really mean “Thank God it’s (a) Football (post)”!

I’m going with the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets for the underdog win.

And Monday Night Football I’m going to go with the Jags.

We have a guy here who hasn’t lost a MNF pick yet. I need to find out his secret.