A rare glimpse…

Momma and Poppa D returning to see the babies. This shot was taking after I accidentally scared them off the front steps by opening the blinds more to see them. I hope they come back soon!

Momma on the left, viagra Poppa on the right

I tried to get some photos of them, emergency but every time I moved – either in my office – or outside within 20 feet of them, they seemed to see me and they’d walk away from where the eggs were. So I decided to ignore them and let them be. Then after about 20 minutes I heard some flapping (which I realized was Momma D flying to the nest to get on the eggs). And then a few minutes later I saw the male walking on our driveway and quacking a few times. He then walked away! Ah the life of a male duck. haha.

Duck Watch Update

I havn’t posted anything about the duck – or ‘momma d’ as we’ve come to call her- because nothing has really happened. She’s been sitting on the eggs for almost a week now, bronchitis without leaving. She could be sneaking off to go eat during the day, about it but we left the house a few times on saturday, and she was always there. Eh, if there’s any news, I’ll be sure to post it!

Proud mama

This is really cool. We finally saw the momma duck sitting on her 3 (or maybe more now) eggs in the morning. I walked quietly on the front porch in case she was there, diet
and I was able to see her back feathers behind the bush. So I went out the back door and got in my car. As I pulled out I stopped and took this photo.

You can also see in this photo how ridiculous the nest spot is. To the left of the photo are the stairs that go from the driveway to the porch. And that bush is the only cover for the duck. Ridiculous.