iPhone Apps that I use

A friend just got an iPhone, health system and was wondering what apps were good. Here’s a list of apps I use.

(Yes all of these links go through an affiliate, medstore so if you buy something I *might* get money for it one day. I’m not holding my breath)

My Apps
How could I have forgotten the apps that I have written?!

  • Mini Golf Pad – Keep score on your iPhone instead of that dumb pencil and paper!
  • DropIt – Save files/bookmarks off the internet onto your iPhone
Note Taking/Todo
  • SimpleNote – Take notes and sync them to a website, accessible via Notational Velocity on the Mac
  • ShopShop – Shopping list app
  • Producteev – My new favorite todo list app
  • Todo – My divvious favorite todo list app
Video Streaming
  • Air Video – THE BEST – Stream videos from your computer to your iPhone
  • Netflix
  • Optimum – Watch TV on your iPhone, set the DVR, etc
  • HBO – I’ve actually never used this app
  • Pocket Casts – A great podcast app, although it’s buggy in iOS 5 right now
  • Instapaper – Keeps articles to read later, formats them without all the ad bullshit
  • Reeder – RSS Reader that doesn’t crash
  • iBooks
  • Kindle – Sync’s with your amazon account so you can get a copy of all the books on your Kindle
  • Infinitlight – The only flashlight you’ll ever need
  • Gas Cubby – Track your gas mileage if you are OCD like me
  • Runkeeper – Track your workouts if you are OCD like me
  • Dropbox – Sync files to the internet
  • Boxcar – Notifications to your phone for services you probably haven’t heard of.
  • iTeleport – Great VNC client for the iPhone
  • Find my iPhone – Find your iPhone (or your wifes)
  • Wolfram Alpha – Look up ANYTHING – get stats on it
  • RedLaser – Barcode scanner (currently the only app I have that reads QR codes)
  • Remote – Control iTunes on the computer
  • Convert – Convert units, I use it mostly when cooking
  • Square – Accept credit card payments
  • Chase – Access your (my) bank account
  • Shazam – Identify a song by listening to it