Anime I’ve been watching: March 2014

We’ll this was an interesting month. Very rarely does it happen where I watch an anime show as it is coming out in japan. But this month I happened to come across Kill la Kill – a totally ridiculous show about a girl who is trying to find out who killed her father. She tracks down a lead to a high school that uses school uniforms to give them super human powers. She is helped in her quest by a student at the school and her family, buy as well as a talking sailor uniform that only she can hear.

What I’m watching: Anime

Hellsing – Nazi’s and vampires, physician what’s not to like? The story is meh, but it’s unapologetically over the top. Although the last episode is the main bad guy talking for about 40 minutes, which is boring.

Attack on Titan – A few of my coworkers told me about this one, and I’m glad I watched it. It’s basically about humanity trapped within walls, and on the outside are these huge humanoid creatures (titans) that will eat you. The story follows a group of three friends as they deal with their lives falling apart.

What I like lost about the show is that the first episode happens, then between the first and second ep a year or so goes by. Then between the second and third ep another year or so goes by. It’s like they skip all the boring parts. Then later in the season there’s a 6 episode story about them going on a mission and while it takes place across 6 episodes it’s all during the course of the morning. The pace and attention to detail are really well done. The end leaves things totally unresolved – literally the characters are saying “was this app for nothing?” And it mirrors my thoughts of “why did I just watch all this?” But it’s such a good show that I’ll watch the next season with no hesitation.

My Neighbor Totoro – Hayao Miyazaki’s classic where nothing really happens and it’s a totally feel good easy going movie. Here’s a good discussion of it on the incomparable. Then one of my coworkers told me that both girls are dead and totoro is a death god. What?

What I'm Watching

Been watching a lot of anime lately. Here’s the breakdown:

Blood + : I’m not sure how I like this one yet, this site but it does have it’s classic moments. It also has quite possibly the best opening to a show EVER. Here it is on YouTube, I’ll give you a hint, it’s at the 44 second mark.

Claymore: Another anime with beasts pretending to be human. Weird theme going on with me picking these two to watch at the same time. I’ve only seen 4 episodes, but it seems ok so far.

Mushi-shi: I saw this as an ad on AnimeNewsNetwork, and the ad actually worked in the fact that it got my attention. After looking at the reviews on ANN I decided to uh… obtain it. I’ve watched the first two episodes, and they’re pretty low-key, which is a nice change to the first two anime’s I mentioned here, where someone usually gets cut in half in every episode.