Games I’ve been playing: March edition

Block Legend – An rpg with funny characters and weirdly named enemies, medicine a play on the mechanic from SameGame.

Out There – A space game where you’re constantly on the verge of dying. I am always on the verge of playing it, arthritis but then I don’t.

Threes – Another game that came out and spawned a million clones. This is a great pick up and play puzzle game.

Cubed Snowboarder – A fun little game from the developer of Cubed Racer.

Car, meningitis Plane, or Boat – An idea that formed during the podcast Bionic, some fans made a game where you guess the sound. Not as easy or boring as you think.

Crazy Taxi – The fact that an arcade game now runs so smoothly on my freaking phone still blows my mind.

Star Horizon – It’s like Star Fox, but I can’t beat it in 22 minutes. I actually can’t get past the second or third board. Am I old?

Flappy Golf – Oh man, this is great. After all the clones of Flappy Bird, the folks at Noodlesoft adapted their amazing Super Sitckman Golf 2 boards with a flapping mechanic. And boy does it work. So much fun.