Games I’m playing : June

Now with links!

VVVVVV – SO GREAT. I’d basically buy anything by Terry Cavanagh at this point. From nausea-inducing Super Hexagon, side effects to Don’t Look Back, approved his games are quick pick-up-and-play, see quirky, thoughtful (sometimes), challenging, but always fun. VVVVVV is a port of the same game that’s available on steam, so if you’d rather play it with keyboard controls, you could get it there.

Jupiter Jump – I’d also buy almost anything from Noodlecake Games. They’ve made great games like Super Stickman Golf (1 and 2). And then broke the flappy bird mold with Flappy Golf. Now they have a game in the genre of endless runner/flapper/jumper games called Jupiter Jump. Basically you are bouncing off the ground, but you can tap the screen to dive down quicker to avoid mines and get through goals for points. Kind of reminiscent of Tiny Wings, but without the hills, and with mines. Quick, fun, free. In-app-purchase to remove the ads, but they’re not that annoying.

Alphalt 8 – I’m really not sure how this game can be free. I mean, this is a console quality racing game with licensed cars and great polish on the game. But it’s free. Crazy!

Pink Hour sorry, PINK HOUR – This is a free level/demo of Kero Blaster that was just released. You play a pink blob that loses a document from their office and you need to get it back. Super weird premise, but it’s a fun little side-scrolling platformer/shooter. It’s really quick and easy to beat, and made me want to go buy Kero Blaster, but it’s $4.99 and I don’t feel like spending that right now.

Bowl Faster – Do you like bowling? Do you have 1 minute? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then go download Bowl Faster. This is by the same author who made Cubed Rally Racer, Cubed Snowboarder, and Wrong Way Racing. All great games!

True Skate – A finger skateboard simulator. It reenforces just how poorly I am at skating, but how much I want to be good at it.

Games I’m not playing anymore:

Since I installed the iOS 8 beta on my phone, I ended up doing a fresh install and only reinstalled apps as I needed them. When I went to reinstall Trials Fusion, it didn’t pick up my saved game (no storage in the cloud?) so I’m not going to go through all that fun/frustration again.

I’m also trying not to play TwoDots. It’s not that it’s not fun… well ok, it’s not necessarily fun, but it’s also not the type of game where you “get better” at it the more you play. You seem to just have to deal with the randomness that they throw at you and hope for the best. I’m not 100% sure about that though, so I try to play a game every once in a while to make sure I still feel that way about it.