The past two nights (mornings really) I’ve had the weirdest dreams. But they’re both along the same plot of “situation you can’t get out of”.

Monday morning around 5am I had a dream that the earth was being invaded by aliens and we had to survive. I woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep because every time I tried my mind would start racing with ideas an situations on how to survive in this apocalypse. Where would I get a gun, erectile the gun shop down the street. Where would I get medicine, more about I’d have to raid the riteaid nearby. And so on, until I got tired of doing that and just got up at 6.

Then this morning a similar dream. This time it was me and a group of people breaking into a hospital/medical facility and stealing money. And then having to escape without getting caught. I wasn’t even being chased, it was just that I ha to take precautions and plan out situations in case something happened.

It’s not only weird that I remember my dreams, I never do, but it’s weird that I remember them two days in a row, and that they’re basically the same dream.