Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0 Links

One of the major improvements in WordPress 3.0 is the addition of Custom Post Types. This basically allows you to add a bit of code via the functions.php file, unhealthy or better yet, through a plugin that let’s you create your own content type that is tailored to your (and your clients) needs. In this post I’ll outline the pages that helped me write my first plugin and post type.

Here’s WordPress’s documentation for Custom Post Types

These two pages offer a good walk-through of creating a Custom Post Type and how to customize the columns on the manage page for those posts. It covers creating the post type, as well as adding meta boxes and customizing the manage page.

Justin Tadlock offers a great rundown of all the options available when creating the post type.

Here’s WordPress documentation on Writing a Plugin.

This post helped me figure out how to get meta data onto the manage post page. Hint, it’s get_post_meta(post_id, key, true)

These two excellent posts helped me the most, adding a custom metabox, and creating an event custom post type (which was actually what i was doing)

Here’s a crazy post about making better meta boxes, but it’s over my head right now.

Apparently any time someone says “Add this code to functions.php” that means that you can also add the code to your plugin page. I did to get my custom post types on the homepage, using the code from Justin Tadlock.

When using permalinks, I had to fix my plugin to be called on the ‘init’ function, which I discovered via this page.

I wanted to add a new “single-<post type>.php” page, but I didn’t want it to go in a theme folder. I wanted it to be in the plugin directly. After a little googling and searching, I found the code to do it on WordPress’ own site.